September 27 & 28 2019

SCVNGRS, a show canceled in June due to heavy rains comes back fresh and double. For two nights in a row, in different venues in Timisoara (Manufactura and Aethernativ) Mike, Toni, Hera, Seb, Vera and Andrei perform Scavengers, an eclectic collection of songs infused with love and the wish to extend it.

July 19 2019

Mike Altrin & Toni Kuhn: In Shorts. Live open air performance with Vera Luta (voice), Sebastian Urlica (guitar), Andrei Talinga (base) and Mihai Toma (drums) for the closing of SOCOLART2019, a series of events and international artists promoting the cultural hub in the mountainous village of Socolari. New songs were performed, such as Slide, The Flowering, Lovers of the World, and a surprising rendition of The Tide. Magic evening.



May 22 2019

Lit by Mihai Toma and filmed by Cristian Ilea (filming crew Rafael Vasilcin, Adrian Covaci, Olimpiu Vuia), Trapped in Amber - the concert movie will soon have a public screening in Timisoara.



April 29 2019

Live recordings from Mike Altrin & Toni Kuhn: A Night Trapped in Amber are now online.



December 29 2018

Mike Altrin & Toni Kuhn: A Night Trapped in Amber (live in Capcana). Mike’s post on social media:

Soulful night in Timisoara. Mike, Toni, Andrei, Hera, Robyn and Brenn thank every soul in the audience. Our gratitude naturally extends to most generous agents of light Mihai Toma and Cristian Ilea , filming crew Rafael Vasilcin, Adrian Covaci, Olimpiu Vuia; beautiful projections: Florin Fara (Flo'); Capcana, for feeling so warm. Mostly we acknowledge the spirit moving through and between us.

Setlist: The Tide (previously unreleased), Lost Tide (previously unreleased), Refugee (2018), Too Bright to See, Secret Tide (previously unreleased), Land Ho (by Toni Kuhn, previously unreleased), Wailing Wall, Possibly, Seeker, Guided by the Light, Corinde (ancient Romanian Christmas carol)



November 29 2018

Mike announces second live performance with Toni Kuhn: A Night Trapped in Amber on the 29th of December


November 9 2018

Silent Master, new song taken from the Recognize This performance is now online, complete with a Tai Chi demonstration by Ramona Venturini.




October 19 2018

Recognize This (Live in Reflektor Venue) . Mike’s post on social media reads

I’d say we’re finally back where we’ve never been... this duo is a fresh formula of an ancient medicine. We’ll use an eclectic concoction (try pronouncing that) of music, poetry, meditations, schismatic keyboards and abecedarian guitar to point beyond appearances. Not that there’s anything pretentious about what we're doing, but it does come from a place of love. We conceived this live act as a joyful exercise in communion rather than a lubricant for mindless fun... not that we got anything against mindlessness... we’re mindful of it.



October 4 2018

Refugee (demo), the first fruit of Mike’s ongoing collaboration with Toni Kühn is free for listening.

Live performances to be announced soon.


June 1 2015

Mike Altrin took the main stage to open EXIT's Revolution Festival in Timisoara. With Hera on drums and long-time collaborator Andrei Talinga on bass (Radio Altringen recording sessions), the band integrated recent members Toni Kuhn (keyboards, melodica) and Bujor Hariga (guitar). The setlist, shorter than usual, relied mainly on raw power. Kicking off the show with Fields of the Lord, a new version of Spiritual Fast Food, then Seeker (again feat. Brenn on guitar), and closing with Too Bright to See and Gospel, the band spared no energy and felt like a fish in the water.

May 17 2015

Powerful eclectic show in Daos Club, Timisoara. With Hera and Zsolt grooving hard in the rhythmic section, Mike was joined by iconic Romanian musicians Bujor Hariga (guitar) and Toni Kuhn (keyboards). Rock'n roll kept the spirits high and wild during the 2h setlist, whirling songs like Seeker (feat. Brenn on guitar), Spiritual Fast Food (unreleased), Possibly (new version feat. Lelia on vocals), At Play, Too bright to See. The setlist was ennobled by a charming string quartet (Ina on viola, Francesca and Laura on violin and Anca on cello), during four songs, one of which, Peripheral Sky guested Vita (Implant Pentru Refuz) on vocals. Long time friend and collaborator Vlad Sturdza joined the band onstage for a beautiful rendition of Under the Sun (unreleased).



July 19 2014

Last night, Mike von Altrin & The Viking Funeral put on a fiery show at Calpe Gallery, Timisoara. With Hera (drums), Zsolt (bass), Mike & the Vikings were joined by Blue Lambs collaborator Ion (Joe) Dorobantu on guitar, for the entire set: 1.Exit the Rain 2.Possibly (unreleased) 3.Fields of the Lord (unreleased), 4.Seeker 5.Too Bright to See 6.Improvisation (feat. the Strings Tehory quartet: Iulia Ioanas - violin, Francesca Moldovan - violin, Ina Capatana - viola & Cristi Chifan - cello) 7.Sittin in a Bar (feat Strings Theory) 8.Chain Breaker (feat Strings Theory) 9. Guided by the Light (feat Strings Theory) 10. Under the Sun (unreleased) 11. Inner Road 12.Young (unreleased) 13.(encore) Red Hand Love.



July 8 2014

Mike von Altrin & The Viking Funeral will be playing live at Calpe Gallery, Timisoara (Romania) on the 18th of July. Get ready for a rare and special event, as it features the String Theory quartet to revisit highlights from the Blue Lambs album.

June 10 2014
Mike's band, The Viking Funeral, is rehearsing at the Timisoara Faculty of Music for an upcoming July concert in Timisoara, Romania. More info soon.


May 7 2014

Mike will be touring this year with his new band. Stay tuned for details as they emerge.

February 6 2013

Next week, Radio Altringen :Night Transmission will be for sale at Itunes, Spotify and dozens of other online music stores will follow shortly."

January 24 2013

Proud to present under the big top tonight: dreamy specters, shadows, darkened masks and noise. Stay tuned this evening for the release of Radio Altringen :Night Transmission on
Until then, daytime comes with a gift. Anyone sending an e-mail with the subject "Night Transmission" to mikealtrin[at], today between 4pm and 5pm (GMT+2) will be offered the digital radio version of this new album for free. A plus tard.

January 23 2013

Waiting for the night to cover the land, dark hands to pull silver blankets over heaving fields. Before the silence, there is the Night Transmission. Tomorrow evening, 24th of January

December 28 2012

In an effort to avoid crushing competition from crooners and cooks during yuletide season, the release of Radio Altringen : Night Transmission is postoponed to January.
Listen to Morni, from Radio Altringen's second volume

November 29 2012
The second volume of Radio Altringen, Night Transmission is scheduled for release this December.
Stay tuned!

November 27 2012

New video, by Ovidiu Zimca, soon to be released : To Bright to See

October 28 2012

"Radio Altringen, Day Transmisson (volume one) is OUT NOW!
The complete studio album (complete tracks and alternate takes) will be for sale starting November 1

October 04 2012

Stay tuned for Radio Altringen: soon to come out from under withered leaves

September 24 2012

Mike teamed up with newly formed band The Slidekicks (Vlad Sturdza, Andrei Talinga and Alexandru Hera) to promote the upcoming Radio Altringen album. Mike Altrin & The Slidekicks performed live at From Altringen To Lhasa, on the 22nd of September. (more details about the event at

May 25 2012

Peek at a lyric from new Mike Altrin’s album, scheduled for release this autumn.



July 19 2011

An exciting possible upcoming project is… Mike Altrin preparing a rock album. A blend of the iconic low-fi sound of the great folk era with field recordings, recitation and ambient experiments, the album would be slated to release next year. More info as it comes in.

May 06 2011

The contact address mikealtrin[at]mikealtrin[dot]com is available to fans and online visitors. You can send your reactions, comments and questions and Mike will answer them as time permits. Eloquent discussions could be posted online in a forum page.

May 06 2011

Inner Road video, by Camil Tulcan is welcomed online. Watch the full video here


May 06 2011

The Blue Lambs digital album, comprising the songs (mp3 / 256kbs) and the original CD artwork by Mike Altrin is now available for free download here

March 28 2011

Blue Lambs is now available for free listening here



March 28 2011

Mike Altrin's "Inner Road" video, by the exquisite visual artist Camil Tulcan will soon be posted online on